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Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultra cavitation is one of the latest non-surgical methods of lipid cellular reduction. The body-trimming mechanism uses ultrasounds of high and low radio frequencies, which penetrate into the sub-cutaneous layer of the skin where fat cells are stored.

Sometimes a low calorie diet just isn't enough. Add this painless, non-invasive body sculpting technique to speed up the results you're looking for.

Cavitation Technique to Burn Fat

Ultra Cavitation with cellulite removal

This method strictly aims for the adipose cells that store fat in the sub-dermal layer. One of the components of an adipose cell istriglyceride molecules made of fatty acids.

Ultrasound sends out radio frequency waves to create cavitation micro-bubbles in the interstitial fluid. The fluid then collapses and discharges a vapor micro-jet wave that damages the membranes of the adipose cells, causing extrusion of the triglycerides out of the fatty cell.

This unique and powerful mechanism breaks down the compounds of fat into an aqueous solution.

Cavitation Treatment

Throughout cavitation treatment, an immense amount of fluids should be taken in. Each treatment takes about 20 minutes to complete. Following treatment, an excessive amount of fluid and lymphatic liquid will need to be released via the urinary track. You can expect a significant amount of diuresis up to 24 hours after treatment. Change in urine color and smell is normal, as the released fat gets absorbed through the lymphatic, kidney and liver system to ultimately be expelled by diuresis.

Blend Treatments

localized fat reduction treatment using ultra cavitation

To speed up results, Ultra Sound Cavitation can be blended with other body sculpting treatments, such as Danik's Pressothearpy, which uses compressive movements to stimulate lymphatic drainage of the body. Pressure moves the lymph toxin-fluids through the urine. These combined body sculpting treatments will accelerate the rate of release and give you optimal results in reducing water weight, detoxifying the body and treating cellulite.

Procedure and Result Time

The cavitation is completed in 7 - 12 treatments lasting 20 minutes per area being treated. The client needs to be well-hydrated before the procedure. Each treatment has a 1- to 2-week interval between appointments. Changes are visible within the first 48 hours after extra water and toxins are released.

Contraindications with Cavitation

Those who do not qualify for Cavitation include patients who are pregnant, diabetic, epileptic, have a transplanted organ, large metal implants, or pacemaker. Anyone who has problems with vascular disease, anticoagulation or thrombosis (blood clotting) also cannot receive this treatment.

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