Tattoo Removal

Tattoo and permanent makeup removal without scarring.



Tattoo Removal

Be rid of unwanted body art and permanent makeup without scarring.

Yes, the unthinkable has finally happened. That tattoo — inspired by romance, environmentalism, a favorite pet, or simply the glorification of your buff bod – has now become an unwanted source of embarrassment that does not fit in with your current age, lifestyle or career. While you have been living with the offending body art for years, you’ve been hesitant to explore removal options because of the specter of pain, scarring and infection.

It’s time to put those fears aside now that Danik has introduced fast, safe and effective tattoo removal to its menu of treatments administered by a certified professional under the onsite supervision of a fully-licensed medical director.


•  Non-Surgical
•  FDA-Approved
•  Safe and Convenient
•  Works on Tattoos and Permanent Makeup
•  Delivers Permanent Results with Minimal to No Scarring

Tattoo Removal Treatment Plan

That once-beloved tattoo that you now want removed was created by injecting indelible ink between the layers of the skin. To remove this pigmentation, Danik uses a specially designed laser that dissolves that ink. Coupled with the pinpoint precision of professionals who have removed literally hundreds of tattoos, this cutting-edge laser equipment employs high-intensity light beams to break down the injected pigment so that the body can naturally absorb and eliminate it — penetrating deeply enough to disintegrate the color particles without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The quality of the laser, as well as the number and specific colors in the tattoo, determine the session length and the number of treatments required to complete the removal process without leaving any vestiges of the former body art. Danik uses laser equipment universally considered the gold standard for tattoo removal. Therefore, clients are assured the fastest and most effective treatment, with:

•  Fewer Treatment Sessions
•  Less Likelihood of Scarring or Skin Damage
•  Minimum Discomfort (on a par with tattoo application)

Several office visits are usually required to fully remove a tattoo. During the course of treatment, a gradual fading will be apparent. Finally, once the tattoo has been meticulously removed to cause no trauma to surrounding tissues, the results will be permanent.


Treatment Results


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