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INTRODUCING IMAGE SKINCARE NEW! That’s the operative word at Danik MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery this season. We’ve just rolled out Image Skincare as our featured in-office and at-home product line. It responds to all our clients’ varied needs and does so at prices that will suit your budget while fitting into your skincare regimen like hand in glove.
DR. CARLOS PRADO: A WELCOME ADDITION TO OUR MEDICAL STAFF Along with the best products, Danik takes pride in providing the best practitioners, which is why we’ve added to our staff Dr. Carlos Pardo. As a licensed medical doctor in Colombia and a licensed nurse practitioner here in the United States, Carlos is now spearheading our expanded weight-loss and anti-aging programs.
SUMMER FOCUS During the summer ahead, Danik will be capitalizing on its increased capacity to deliver the protocols known to produce the best results. In fact, no center for aesthetic medicine in the South Florida area provides a more advanced range of surgical and non-surgical treatments for renewed health, beauty and wellness. From BODY CONTOURING, WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, and SKIN RESURFACING, to the latest techniques in TATTOO, VEIN and LASER HAIR REMOVAL, Danik has earned its reputation as South Florida’s medical spa for all seasons.
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