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This year, Danik MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery is all about newer, bigger and better. We’ve expanded our staff, invested in the industry’s most advanced equipment, and now we offer more health and beauty treatments than any other medical spa in South Florida. This includes both surgical and non-surgical options, with an emphasis on maximizing every patient’s freedom of choice. From anti-aging and medical-grade skin care, to weight loss and body contouring, our treatments are tailored to respond to your individual needs, lifestyle, comfort level, and budget.
Ultherapy: The Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift. Similarly, while Danik is a full-service cosmetic surgery center, we are also proud to offer patients the latest options in non-surgical anti-aging. To that end, this June we introduced our Ultherapy Facelift, a one-time, 90-minute treatment that involves no cutting or downtime. This procedure is the only ultrasound protocol of its kind that is FDA-approved to lift the skin of the brow, chin and neck. Best if of all – IT WORKS – dramatically reducing the appearance of brow lines, marionette lines, a “turkey” neck, and that hated under-chin waddle.
Sun Protection. Of course, patients still turn to Danik for Laser Hair Removal, Body Contouring, Tattoo Removal, Skin Resurfacing, Acne Scar Removal and more. In fact, we’re now featuring our protective /corrective Summer Tan Care Package to treat skin before and after the sun .
SlimMD: Lose 10 to 100 Pounds Nowhere is this personalized approach more apparent than in Danik’s SlimMD Program, which takes patients from medical analysis, through weight loss, to a lifetime of successful weight management. Under the auspices of Danik’s medical director, Dr. Hal Bass, the most appropriate program for the patient is medically prescribed, whether it’s an HCG diet, Meal Replacement approach, Fat Burning injections, a Blood Type-Based diet, or a combination of these options.
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